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Energy Talk #2: Innovative storage integration: bridging the gap between industrial needs and grid codes

On May 29th of 2024, the i-STENTORE Project was present in the second edition of the Energy Talks, with the theme Innovative storage integration: bridging the gap between industrial needs and grid codes. This second Energy Talk was hosted by the AGISTIN Project and counted with the participation of the sister projects SiNNOGENES and i-STENTORE.

The webinar started with a quick overview of the AGISTIN Project and after with the presentation of the results of several surveys carried by this project, where industrial users were asked about their needs and constraints on the integration of innovative storage integration. the collected feedback will be used by the project’s tools for storage sizing and inverter controls.

After this, it was time for the SINNOGENES Project to present its Portuguese demo, where implements a hybrid storage system in an industrial park. The challenges of meeting the requirements from the both sides of the grid operator and the industrial users were discussed and the potential that dynamic prices could have in the economic viability of self-consumption and generation systems.

Lastly in this webinar, the i-STENTORE Project presented the demo that will be implemented in Madeira Island,  a 50 kW / 100 kWh Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, and how this system will be integrated with the other running storage systems in Madeira: Li-ion batteries, pumped storage hydro systems and synchronous condensers. In addition to this, it was also discussed how the implementation of a grid code in Madeira island fostered the penetration of renewable energy through distributed generation, without threatening the safety of supply in the island.

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Author(s): Rui Martins

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