i-STENTORE: New Horizon Europe project aims to lead to more innovative storage systems

Athens, February 23rd 2023 – A new Horizon Europe project – i-STENTORE, innovative Energy Storage TEchnologies TOwards increased Renewables integration and Efficient Operation – has started and will examine the integration of diverse Energy Storage (ES) solutions and their combinations.

This project is part of Horizon Europe Innovation Actions, co-funded by the European Union, and will study the applicability of versatile storage solutions in various applications covering the mobility, agricultural, industry, household, heating and other sectors. The decentralisation of the power sector is one of the program keys, as i-STENTORE aims to generate a technological soft solution through creating a level playing field for intelligent energy storage based applications involving multiple energy stakeholders and systems.

The contribution of i-STENTORE project for the future energy market configuration is central and will help green energy to firm its expression globally, by generating a greater efficiency, through the introduction of novel stand-alone and hybrid energy storage systems”, highlights Nikolaos Bilidis, i-STENTORE Project Coordinator. 

Innovative storage systems will be showcased and their co-operation with the integrated assets will be co-optimized. The project focuses on reliability, the power quality, the cost-efficient operation and the maximisation of the assets’ lifetime as end-goals. i-STENTORE will also examine the integration of diverse ES solutions and their hybridization through digital solutions. Engagement of innovative ES technologies using new advanced materials and new design solutions is another key focus of i-STENTORE.

The official kick-off meeting took place in Athens, Greece, on January 30th and 31st, where 27 partners met to discuss the Project objectives and methodologies to be implemented during the next 36 months. The project started in January 2023 and will be active until 2026, with a global budget of almost 10M euros.