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The Project

i-STENTORE will examine the integration of diverse storage solutions and their combinations. Innovative storage systems will be showcased and their co-operation with the integrated assets will be co-optimized, placing the reliability, the power quality, the costefficient operation and the maximization of the assets’ lifetime as end-goals.

i-STENTORE will introduce an umbrella framework aiming to showcase stand-alone and hybrid storage solutions highlighting the multi-purpose use of storage, not only as an energy buffer, but also as an active grid component capable of providing services and contributing to grid resilience, stability and efficient operation.

i-STENTORE unleashes Innovation in Storage Systems for a Greener Future

“The contribution of i-STENTORE project for the future energy market configuration is central and will help green energy to firm its expression globally, by generating a greater efficiency.”

Nikolaos Bilidis, i-STENTORE Project Coordinator


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