innovative energy Storage TEchNologies TOwards increased Renewables integration and Efficient operation


Empowering Green Energy with Innovative Storage Systems


The Horizon Europe Energy Project, i-STENTORE – innovative Energy Storage TEchnologies TOwards increased Renewables integration and Efficient Operation, will examine the integration of diverse storage solutions and their combinations in various applications covering mobility, agricultural, industry, household, heating and other sectors.

i-STENTORE Demos and Living-Lab

The overall i-STENTORE framework will be applied, implemented, and validated in 5 real-life demos, and 1 Living
Lab, across 6 countries.

News and Events

Energy Talk #1: Unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions

The inaugural Energy Talk #1: Unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions recently took place, marking a significant milestone in the realm of energy discussions.

RTO-LAB: A Real-Time Integrated Platform for Testing and Validating Power Plant Controls and Grid Management Strategies Using a Digital Twin

ithin the i-STENTORE Project, UC3M is leading DEMO 3, which involves the integration of different storage assets into a distribution grid. UC3M is developing the integrated controls for real-time management, fed by the outcomes of an optimization package…


Hybrid storage and flexibility exploitation using digital twin

As part of the i-STENTORE project, Comsensus has successfully developed a digital twin (DT) of newly commissioned Steklarna Hrastnik’s hybrid furnace (SH).

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