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Energy Talk #1: Unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions

The inaugural Energy Talk #1: Unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions recently took place, marking a significant milestone in the realm of energy discussions. This event, designed to bring together industry experts, innovators, and enthusiasts, aimed to delve into unlocking the potential of innovative energy storage solutions. With engaging speakers, insightful presentations, and a diverse array of topics explored, the Energy Talk #1 successfully ignited dialogue and sparked inspiration among attendees. 

Introduction to the Energy Talk #1

In this Energy Talk, we delved into the transformative power of innovative energy storage solutions and their pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable energy systems. Through interactive discussion,  opportunities and challenges associated with integrating cutting-edge storage technologies into energy grids were explored. From advancements in battery storage to harnessing the potential of novel solutions like compressed air and hydropower storage, the aim was to to uncover strategies for maximising efficiency, resilience, and sustainability in energy systems. The focus of the talk were the pathways to unlocking the full potential of innovative energy storage solutions and accelerating the transition towards a cleaner, more resilient energy future.


The i-STENTOREs Energy Talk #1 featured a dynamic lineup of speakers and an interactive session.

  • Overview of Energy Talks Series
    Ana Luísa Alves, F6S/i-STENTORE
  • Meet the Energy innovators
    Nikolaos Bilidis, ED/i-STENTORE
    Gianluca Lipari, EPRI Europe/ AGISTIN
    Ilias Zafeiropoulos, Ubitech Energy/ SINNOGENES
  • Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Energy Storage Solutions: An Interactive Discussion
    Rita Campos, F6S
    Pedro Rodriguez, LIST/ i-STENTORE
    Gianluca Lipari, EPRI/ AGISTIN
    Ilias Zafeiropoulos, Ubitech Energy/ SINNOGENES

Upcoming Energy Talks

With the success of Energy Talk #1 setting the stage, we invite you to attend the next Energy Talk:

Energy Talk #2 Innovative storage integration: bridging the gap between industrial needs and grid codes

In the second of the energy talk series promoted by i-STENTORE, AGISTIN, SINNOGENES and 2LIPP, we will be exploring the intersection of industrial user requirements and grid connection codes in the context of innovative storage solutions’ integration.  

In this talk to be hosted by the AGISTIN project on the 29th at 11am (CEST), we will be looking at innovative storage requirements needs from the point of view of the industrial users, the implications of grid connection codes in storage integration and strategies to mitigate potential blockers in grid network codes when integrating innovative storage in industrial sites. This talk will prompt discussions on strategies for ensuring seamless grid interconnection and compliance with relevant standards.


Watch the first Energy Talk bellow!

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