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i-STENTORE takes centre stage at Enlit Europe 2023

Paris, November 2023Driving force in fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development is the purpose of i-STENTORE, a Horizon Europe Energy Project that aims to unleash innovation in storage systems for a greener future.

In a recent highlight, i-STENTORE was proudly part of Enlit Europe 2023, and took centre stage at the EU Projects Zone, with an impactful contribution in a relevant debate about “Large and Small scale storage technologies”. The Project played a pivotal role at the latest edition of Enlit Europe, demonstrating its dedication to fostering innovation, knowledge exchange, and cross-areas collaboration regarding energy storage. 

The i-STENTORE Project Coordinator actively engaged with the audience through a panel discussion, providing insights on the state of the art regarding the importance of regulation and standardisation in the Energy sector. 


The event also facilitated numerous networking opportunities, enabling i-STENTORE to explore new partnership and collaboration opportunities. We believe these connections are crucial for the project’s continued growth and success, emphasising the importance of a global network in driving positive change.

As the project continues to work and contribute to the empowerment of green energy sources through innovative storage systems, its presence at these initiatives serves as small steps to create a realistic and meaningful impact in communities.

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