Hybrid storage and flexibility exploitation using digital twin

As part of the i-STENTORE project, Comsensus has successfully developed a digital twin (DT) of newly commissioned Steklarna Hrastnik’s hybrid furnace (SH). This digital twin will be seamlessly integrated with PV forecasting within Comsensus’s flexibility platform, thereby enabling both explicit and implicit demand response capabilities.

At the core of our flexibility platform lies the digital twin of the hybrid glass furnace, which operates on both electricity and gas. This furnace is meticulously monitored and controlled using over 40 parameters. In developing the digital twin model, we have carefully selected key parameters that significantly influence furnace temperature and, consequently, glass quality.

By leveraging the digital twin, we can not only estimate the available flexibility but also optimize it based on the power required at any given time and the total energy sum. This model allows for the creation of various scenarios using different criterion functions.

The digital twin model of the hybrid furnace, along with the forecasting results, is visually represented in the provided figure. This innovative approach to creating hybrid storage and flexibility is a testament to Comsensus commitment to advancing energy management and optimization technologies.

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