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Energy Talk #3: Advancing Energy Resilience – The Critical Role of Battery Storage in Modern Grids

On June 26th of 2024, the i-STENTORE Project was present in the third edition of the Energy Talks, with the theme Advancing Energy Resilience: The Critical Role of Battery Storage in Modern Grids. This third Energy Talk was hosted by the SiNNOGENES Project and counted with the participation of the sister projects AGISTIN and i-STENTORE.

The session was organized as a roundtable with representatives from three projects. The concept of Virtual Power Plants, which aggregate distributed renewable energy sources and battery storage to participate in energy markets, was highlighted. These batteries offer essential services like frequency balancing, voltage support, and congestion management, which are crucial for the grid’s stability and efficiency. The talk also explored the integration of battery storage with other forms of energy storage systems, such as pumped hydro and thermal storage, to enhance system flexibility and resilience. The discussion covered dominant battery technologies like Lithium-ion and Flow batteries, examining their role in providing grid flexibility, current technical and economic challenges, and the extent of their adoption in the European power grid.

Further topics included advancements in battery storage modeling and simulation, insights from technical studies, and innovative methodologies impacting future battery storage deployment. The discussion concluded with an examination of battery recycling within the Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of energy storage solutions, emphasizing the importance of recycling in lifecycle management and the strategies being implemented to address battery end-of-life management.

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